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It aint easy.

Writing every freaking day this year is way harder for me than I ever imagined. I love to write, and honestly it comes pretty easily for me, but for some reason lately I have been feeling guilty and can not bring myself to blog. I know that there are more productive things to do in my life than just talk about myself. I have been really trying to get my ass a job, start eating healthier, and enroll into school. I’m honestly not very happy with my current predicaments in life, but I haven’t really tried to really change it, untill now. I decided that instead of trying to think of really clever things to write, I’ll write about me as a person, and what got me here. Oh gosh, just typing that out is making me nervous. This may or may not be the most boring blogs for the next couple of weeks, we will just have to see.

A reason it’s so hard for me to blog everyday, is that I have a family member that i have not seen in 9 months and  I should really be writing to them instead of telling strangers my life story. I don’t do well with distance, and i don’t do well with missing people and writing my emotions towards them out on paper. I find it really difficult to even produce words for my letters at time. But honestly, this blogging stuff really helps me get through things. I just listen to some good tunes and let my fingers take over on the keyboard. I don’t really talk about that personal of things either, mostly me just blabbing on and on my mundane every day events. I swear this week I will start busting out a lot more blogs, and it will definitely be more consistent.


Offending everyone, always.

I found an article talking about how the fast food chain ‘Chick-fil-a’ going anti-gay…again. So now a bunch of gay people will no longer eat at there. Just because someone really high up in a company is against gay people doesn’t mean that every single person that works at chick-fil-a is anti-homosexual. Not to mention, you are going to Chick Fil-a to eat, that’s it, it’s not a freaking club. I understand not eating there if they refused service on you solely because you were gay, but just not eating there because they don’t support homosexuals, I think is stupid. There are people in the world that don’t support a lot of things, in fact most big corporations and food chains are all a bunch of assholes. I’m not going there to make friends, i’m going to eat. So who cares if they like or do not like my sexuality?

I should probably state that I am in no way, shape or form anti-gay. I have a lot of family members who are gay, and I live with my gay sister and her partner. I just feel like a lot of the gay community contradicts themselves. They want to be treated equally like everyone else, yet they have their own cruise lines, days, festivals, bars, even flags. How’s that fair? It makes no sense to me.

Theres this website called When I first saw the promo video for it i laughed and I loved it. I instantly loved what they stood, and I thought it was a good way to get the attention of the “haters.” But now that I check out this website more often, I’ve started to hate it.  They post so many negative things on there, that it looks like they are trying to fight hate with hate, which is the opposite of what they are trying to promote. Saying, “FCK you for not accepting us,” is NOT going to make people except you. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Yelling at everyone and bashing all who are against what you believe in, isn’t the way to catch people’s attention. Well, it will catch people’s attention, but more in a negative light. I just think it’s odd for your message to basically be ”screw the haters,” yet YOU hate one everyone who doesn’t agree with your being gay. If you loved the haters, it would most likely do more good, than lashing out at them.

I really hope I haven’t offended anyone with my ranting, I’m just extremely opinionated on this subject. It hits very close to home for me. Tomorrow I’m sure, will be a much lighter subject. <3