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It aint easy.

Writing every freaking day this year is way harder for me than I ever imagined. I love to write, and honestly it comes pretty easily for me, but for some reason lately I have been feeling guilty and can not bring myself to blog. I know that there are more productive things to do in my life than just talk about myself. I have been really trying to get my ass a job, start eating healthier, and enroll into school. I’m honestly not very happy with my current predicaments in life, but I haven’t really tried to really change it, untill now. I decided that instead of trying to think of really clever things to write, I’ll write about me as a person, and what got me here. Oh gosh, just typing that out is making me nervous. This may or may not be the most boring blogs for the next couple of weeks, we will just have to see.

A reason it’s so hard for me to blog everyday, is that I have a family member that i have not seen in 9 months and  I should really be writing to them instead of telling strangers my life story. I don’t do well with distance, and i don’t do well with missing people and writing my emotions towards them out on paper. I find it really difficult to even produce words for my letters at time. But honestly, this blogging stuff really helps me get through things. I just listen to some good tunes and let my fingers take over on the keyboard. I don’t really talk about that personal of things either, mostly me just blabbing on and on my mundane every day events. I swear this week I will start busting out a lot more blogs, and it will definitely be more consistent.


Is anyone out there?

I feel like I am completely uninteresting, and have nothing to say. I really feel like no one is reading my blogs, but myself. I’m trying desperately to come up with better ideas and clever things to say, but i feel like I am trying too hard. Today’s bog I am going to just talk, something i do well and not over think this blog. Wish me luck!

It’s monday, and I swear I was going to be productive, but the weather here isn’t permitting it. So instead today will be filled with me watching movies and downloading more music. I’m not really your average young woman in her 20’s, I don’t go out, I don’t party, and I’m not desperate to find love. I guess those things just really don’t do anything for me, I would rather stay home and watch wheel of fortune and Jeopardy with my sister and sister-in law. But this weekend I made a minor exception because my little sister Kay turned 18 and it was her first club experience. I had to go out to the clubs and watch out for Kay, plus i hadn’t been out “clubbing” in months and just wanted to dance off some stress. Now, clubs where I live here in Tampa (AKA TRAMPA)FL are not too classy, i mean some can be, but the one i went to isn’t at all. It’s mostly all really trendy people wearing basically nothing in 30 degree weather, and trying to hook up with anyone who will give them the time of day. This isn’t my type of place at all, I can’t handle men who disrespect women and can’t handle AT ALL women who disrespect themselves. Dancing up on every single guy that looks at you in the club appears desperate, not sexy. Urgh my generation is dooming this world, I swear.

Well today is uneventful, I’m going to be gluing myself to the television and I will be for sure blogging about one of my celeb favorite/doppelgänger Kristen Stewart. My sister and I are going to watch “Welcome To The Riley’s” and I’m highly anticipating this movie, so expect a full review tomorrow, along with my opinions on the Golden Globe’s that aired last night.


So i super failed yesterday, and had zero time to write! I had no access to a computer for a decent amount of time. :/ I’m going to make it up today!! So here’s my uneventful/yet eventful weekend for me: My weekend was pretty fun, Saturday I went to this beautiful high-rise condo, and watched football on a giant projection screen. Luckily I’m a semi-football fan, and a huge Samuel Adams ‘Oktoberfest’ Fan. I started watching the first season of  ‘Lost,’ I’ve already seen all of the series, but i decided to start it over, because I know I’m missing so much information. If you’ve never seen that show, and don’t mind confusing mind-blowing concepts and have time to watch 6 seasons of a show, I recommend it. It’s a pretty intense show though, but it honestly sucks you in.

Sunday was really good for me, I haven’t seen my best friend, (Her nickname*) Cookie in like 2 months (give or take) and she had a baby about 5 months ago that I had not yet met. I have known Cookie for almost 6 years now, and aside from Roxy who i have known for 15 years, Cookie is my rock. Cookie and I have a deeper connection of friendship than i have ever had with anyone else. In my 6 year friendship with Cook, her and I have had more fights than I ever have had with anyone in my life, but I’ve also had more laughs and venting sessions with her than i have with anyone else. Right before her beautiful baby girl Skye was born, we stopped talking and recently in the past few months started being best friend’s again. Before Cookie even got pregnant, we lived together, we were literally attached at the hips at all times. I was the one who bought her the pregnancy test, and the one who was with her to tell everyone about her pregnancy,and her decision to keep her baby. Then a few months into her pregnancy we lost touch, both going through extremely life changing times in our lives. We finally came to our senses a few months ago, and we are really working on our friendship again. So sorry for the extremely long back story, but you wouldn’t fully understand the scenario unless i explained it in some detail. So I met Skye yesterday, and she is amazing. I’m so sad that i wasn’t there for her birth and I wish i could take that back and fix things, but i can’t do that so I’m trying to make things better this time. But, she is the cutest, most well-behaved baby ever. Cookie spoils the hell out of princess Skye, but she’s well worth it, in my opinion.

Sorry for the longest post EVER..that’s why i’m adding pictures…Makes it more enjoyable, well at least that’s what i think!

The topic of today is “what do you want to be remembered for.” This one got my noggin wheels turnin’ and it’s kindof a difficult answer for me to put into words correctly. I don’t want to be remembered for just one specific thing that i do, I want to be remembered for as many things that i could be. Even if it’s something simple and small, like a funny joke i told, or good advice i gave to someone, or just having a good time with someone. I don’t necessarily want to do something big and epic to be remembered by, that just isn’t my style. I’m not really one to thrive in the spotlight, I’m more of the observer. I hope to just be remembered as a kind- light-hearted decent being, i don’t need anything ridiculous to do that…i don’t think.

So hopefully the awesome pictures, and novel-like blogging session will make up for me failing to barely post anything this weekend. I vowe never to slack as badly as I did, from here on out. :)

More silly than stressed

Today’s topic is “are you stressed out.” This topic, surprisingly got me thinking, and I realized that I often stress out about the little things in my life, instead of the actual stressful things. I guess that’s just my way of getting through the hard times. So to keep things less stressful on everyone, I decided to make a list of all the silly little things that stress me out on a regular basis.

The Stupid Things That Stress Me Out:

1. When I wake up, and I have no idea what time it is.

2. When I have no clean clothes, and no laundry soap. Or when I just don’t feel like doing laundry. Laundry just stresses me out.

3. Getting out of the shower and realizing there is NO towel.

4. Going to get a cup of coffee, and its all gone.

5. Going in the kitchen and the sink being full of dirty dishes.

6. Not being able to find a lighter.

7. The cat’s scratching at my door.

8. Being hungry and being indecisive about what to eat.

9. Pretty much all television/movies

10. Money. Money ALWAYS stresses me out.

11. When the dogs/cats stare at me while I’m eating.

12. When the internet/cable goes out.

13. Private numbers calling me.

14. People talking over me.

15. Ex’s.

16. When I’m about to go to sleep, and realize I have to get up to do something.

17.Not having anything to blog about