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I don’t sleep, I can’t sleep, I love sleep, I hate sleep.



I’m so frustrated that I can’t get to sleep at night. I don’t go to bed these days until 7ish, and i don’t fully understand why. It’s weird because I love to sleep, and once i am actually asleep, I get into such a cozy deep slumber. I just have such issues actually getting to sleep. My mind goes into over-drive once I have layed down for bed, and not even a good wholesome movie will help knock me out. I won’t take Benadryl, or any other sleeping medication, because they give me the most messed up, out there dreams. I would rather not sleep, than take a sleeping med. I don’t even do anything, i don’t go out or do anything significant that should be keeping me up all hours of the night. I swear I am a vampire, the only time i start to get tired, is when the sun is rising. I wouldn’t be complaining if i was actually a vampire, because then i would at least have some special skills. But since i am not an actual vamp, sleeping when the sun comes up, is a real lousy habit. Hopefully I will conduct a brilliant plan to get my body on at least a semi-decent sleeping schedule! Till then,  expect the most random, insomnia induced blogging for a while!

Earlier I watched the film “Welcome To The Riley’s.” Maybe it’s because I’m a Kristen Stewart fan, or maybe it’s because i appreciate a good film, but this movie was awesome. Now, it’s a little vulgare at times, and definitely not a comedy by any means, but it’s a beautifully written/directed movie. I really love Kristen Stewart’s role in this, and how she portrayed her character, it’s very convincing. I would definitely recommend this movie, if you like more independent, character pieces.