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Chaos ahead

My last post about music, made me want to write more about music. I feel like I left so many good songs out, and in reality I would need much more than one cd to last me being stranded on a desert island. Not to mention, would I have enough battery life to last on a portable cd player? I really don’t think there are just random outlet’s on a desert island for me to simply plug my boom box in. Just sayin…that one cd wouldn’t even last very long if you don’t have an endless battery supply.

Honestly, good tunes get me through pretty much everything. I spend more time with music than I do with actual people. I have so many memories shared through music. Some songs make me want to bawl my eyes out, and some songs make me want to get up and dance instantly. The power of music amazes me, and goes right through my veins every time a good beat comes on.

Soooo basically with this babble about music, I have decided that at the end or begining of each of my posts I will post a song on here that I currently love. I would love some song/band suggestions as well!! :)


stranded with good tunes.

Today’s topic of the day, sparked my interest for sure. “If stranded on a desert island, and could only bring one music album with you, which would it be? What is it about this music that never gets old for you?” I couldn’t just pick one specific album, from one artist/band, I decided instead to make a mix cd of the music that would get me through being stranded alone in the heat.

My Stranded on the desert island mix cd:


1. Ramblin Man- The Allman Brothers Band

2.Fuel- Ani Difranco

3. Something to believe in- Aqualung

4.Our swords- Band of Horses

5. Help!- The Beetles

6. Vienna- Billy Joel

7. Mr. Tambourine Man- Bob Dylan

8. Skinny Love- Bon Iver

9. Osaka Loop Line- Discovery

10. Seaside- The Kooks

11. The Prayer- Kid Cudi

12. Until We Bleed- Kleerup

13. Aint too proud to beg- The Temptations

14. Coney Island- Good Old War

15. Fast Car- Tracey Chapman

16. Uncle John’s Band- Grateful Dead

17. Mykonos- Fleet Foxes

18. Piece of me- Briteny Spears

19. Rock God- Selena Gomez

20. Firework- Katy Perry


This music never gets old to me because every one of these songs has some sort of meaning to me. Some of them have amazing lyrics, and some have a good beat. I just know if I was stranded anywhere, I’d be pretty golden with this mix of music.

Gettin in the groove

Baby Mercy


I’m getting in shape, being more productive, and being healthier. Lately things have been chaotic in my household, and I know I’m not the only one that feels that way. It’s a new year, and i’m going to make this year kick ass, in order to do that, i am getting my shit together and having fun while i do it.

I went on a music rampage and my music library currently consists over 1200 artists. I’m working on more, and would love new music in my life! :) I’ll be making a list of my favorite songs/artists as of this week. haha, I swear my tastes and song obsessions change basically from mood to mood, but i could always use more music. Lately my taste has been more’indie’ genre i guess. I’m not too good with mastering the genre names yet. To give an idea, i lately have been loving the following: Band of Horses, Grateful Dead,Bob Dylan, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, Regina Spector, Discovery, and for some reason, Katy Perry. Please give me more music to listen too, I can never get enough!!

 We have 3 dogs in our house hold and 2 cats. The cats usually sleep out in the living room or with me. The 3 dogs sleep in my sister’s room, two sleep in kennels and one sleeps on the couch in their room or floor. I decided to take the youngest of the three dogs (Mercy) and have her kennel in my room and sleep with me at night. She cries alot because she hates the kennel, so i figured if she sleeps in bed with me at night not only will i not be lonely, but I feel like it will be easier for me to train her. With all the animals and comotion that go on in our not so big household, it’s hard to train her anything. She’s about a year and a half old and we found her a few months ago. We think she’s a grey hound/ pitbull mix, and she’s soooo cute, but she is devious, and stubborn. I hope me having more one on one time will help train her, and also help calm her. Seeing as she’s a puppy still, she’s pretty hyper, not fixed, and she’s a pretty tall dog.