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theres an APP for that

iPhones are taking over the world, one bad application at a time.

1. The ‘Grandma’ App- This application solely calls your grandma for you. there’s also one for grandpa, mom, dad, and my girl. My question is this:why do you need an app for that? don’t you already program your gma and gpa in your phone as that already?

2.Flashlight App- It lights up white…you can have that exact same effect on your iPhone by simply opening up an application.

3. iLick it iPhone App- what the hell…this application is not only unsanitary, but downright creepy. This app wants you to achieve to size zero as it encourages you to lick the screen whenever it flashes a sumptuous meal. I don’t understand this world anymore.

4.iFart App- makes fart noises. what happened to the good old whoopee cushion?

5.Blower App- makes the effect of blowing out birthday candles. SERIOUSLY? Technology is ruining birthday’s now too? cool.

6. The hold app- You have to press the ‘hold’ button for as long as you can. This app is actually considered a productivity application. I didn’t realize touching a screen for as long as you could count as productive.

7. Fit or Fugly app- this app judges you basically, by a picture of you. what the hell? these apps are blowing my mind.

what happend to encouragement?


8. The Moo Box- show’s pictures of animals and the sounds they make. I guess this is an okay app if you’re teaching your youngin’ animals.

9. simstapler app- I died laughing when i saw this application. So basically if you don’t have a stapler ready and handy, you can “practice” with this app. It does the simulations of a real stapler. WHY!? who needs to “practice” using a stapler, makes no sense.

10. Zit Picker 2– Not only is this app disgusting, but its $1.99. If you spend $2.00 on an app that picks invisible zits, you need help. That’s disgusting and flat-out wrong. it’s just wrong.

11. Zips App- This application gives you the chance to make zip and unzipping sounds, without doing the actual motion. I’m not sure why anyone would ever need this application. I wonder if the creators of this application had zipper fetishes? definitely not girlfriend’s, i can tell you that much.

12. The Proposal App- Oh my gosh. So basically this app pops up with “Will You Merry Me” on it. Oh that’s cool, the most important day in a man and womans life (aside from the actual wedding) and there’s an App for that. If you are planning on using this app when popping the big question, DON’T! This is the cheesiest, most impersonal way of ever proposing to someone. I would straight up slap a man if he proposed to me with this iPhone App.

13. My Lighter app- Okay, see, this app would just piss me off. Oh okay, I don’t have a lighter to light my cigarette, but it’s no big deal there’s a picture of a zippo on your iPhone! It’ll get your cig lit in no time!…really?

14.Throw your iPhone app- This application allows you to throw your phone up in the air, and it tells you the speed. This is just an accident waiting to happen.

15. You can ask your iPhone “am i drunk yet?” If you are feeling the urge to ask your phone that, you need to put the drinks down, and re-evalute yourself.