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Talk Talk Talk.

So I started reading “The Importance Of  Being Earnest”  by Oscar Wilde last night. I’ve never read the screen play, but I’ve seen the movie. So far, I really enjoy it; I like the fact that since it’s a play, it’s so much easier to read. I haven’t read a full book in months, so I figured i would start with something easy to read and not very long. I’ll probably finish it before the weekend starts. I’m really starting to try to read books more. I miss being able to escape from my brain into a good read, it’s very relaxing and keeps my imagination alive. I’m glad I started with this one, I love Oscar Wilde, he’s honestly brilliant.

Read this book!


After I finish ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’ I’m going to start re-reading some of Author, Chuck  Palahniuk’s books. He is one of the most prolific writers right now, most of his novels are eclectic, and off beat, yet intellectually genius. I recommend reading one of his books, if you are open to more twisted, out there concepts, and ideas. My favorite books of his are: Fight Club, Choke, and Lullaby, I would recommend starting with Fight Club.

My new comfort food/sweet tooth fixer is ‘Hershey’s kisses’ peanut butter and peanuts. mm yummy! I was in a slight feud with one of my ex boyfriend’s and I was stressing out about the fact that I was stressed out about talking to him. I instantly wanted something sweet, and satisfying to munch on. The light bulb came on and I grabbed the kisses, peanut butter, and peanuts, I am completely content now.

Moving on… I’ve been really interested in photography for a while. Yes, the above picture is one that I took, no it’s not good but I’m not a pro. I think it’s fascinating and I’ve always loved being able to capture a moment that will never happen again. I see something so beautiful in that, but I’ve never really had a good enough camera to play with. I have some “photography” but I am by no means a photographer, and I don’t aspire to be one. I just think it’s therapeutic for me, much like writing is. I’ll probably post some of my photos on here, I already have a few up. I’m hoping to get a new camera in the next few months, so i’ll definately be posting more up if they are any good. :)