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Chaos ahead

My last post about music, made me want to write more about music. I feel like I left so many good songs out, and in reality I would need much more than one cd to last me being stranded on a desert island. Not to mention, would I have enough battery life to last on a portable cd player? I really don’t think there are just random outlet’s on a desert island for me to simply plug my boom box in. Just sayin…that one cd wouldn’t even last very long if you don’t have an endless battery supply.

Honestly, good tunes get me through pretty much everything. I spend more time with music than I do with actual people. I have so many memories shared through music. Some songs make me want to bawl my eyes out, and some songs make me want to get up and dance instantly. The power of music amazes me, and goes right through my veins every time a good beat comes on.

Soooo basically with this babble about music, I have decided that at the end or begining of each of my posts I will post a song on here that I currently love. I would love some song/band suggestions as well!! :)