Talk Talk Talk.

So I started reading “The Importance Of  Being Earnest”  by Oscar Wilde last night. I’ve never read the screen play, but I’ve seen the movie. So far, I really enjoy it; I like the fact that since it’s a play, it’s so much easier to read. I haven’t read a full book in months, so I figured i would start with something easy to read and not very long. I’ll probably finish it before the weekend starts. I’m really starting to try to read books more. I miss being able to escape from my brain into a good read, it’s very relaxing and keeps my imagination alive. I’m glad I started with this one, I love Oscar Wilde, he’s honestly brilliant.

Read this book!


After I finish ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’ I’m going to start re-reading some of Author, Chuck  Palahniuk’s books. He is one of the most prolific writers right now, most of his novels are eclectic, and off beat, yet intellectually genius. I recommend reading one of his books, if you are open to more twisted, out there concepts, and ideas. My favorite books of his are: Fight Club, Choke, and Lullaby, I would recommend starting with Fight Club.

My new comfort food/sweet tooth fixer is ‘Hershey’s kisses’ peanut butter and peanuts. mm yummy! I was in a slight feud with one of my ex boyfriend’s and I was stressing out about the fact that I was stressed out about talking to him. I instantly wanted something sweet, and satisfying to munch on. The light bulb came on and I grabbed the kisses, peanut butter, and peanuts, I am completely content now.

Moving on… I’ve been really interested in photography for a while. Yes, the above picture is one that I took, no it’s not good but I’m not a pro. I think it’s fascinating and I’ve always loved being able to capture a moment that will never happen again. I see something so beautiful in that, but I’ve never really had a good enough camera to play with. I have some “photography” but I am by no means a photographer, and I don’t aspire to be one. I just think it’s therapeutic for me, much like writing is. I’ll probably post some of my photos on here, I already have a few up. I’m hoping to get a new camera in the next few months, so i’ll definately be posting more up if they are any good. :)


Gettin in the groove

Baby Mercy


I’m getting in shape, being more productive, and being healthier. Lately things have been chaotic in my household, and I know I’m not the only one that feels that way. It’s a new year, and i’m going to make this year kick ass, in order to do that, i am getting my shit together and having fun while i do it.

I went on a music rampage and my music library currently consists over 1200 artists. I’m working on more, and would love new music in my life! :) I’ll be making a list of my favorite songs/artists as of this week. haha, I swear my tastes and song obsessions change basically from mood to mood, but i could always use more music. Lately my taste has been more’indie’ genre i guess. I’m not too good with mastering the genre names yet. To give an idea, i lately have been loving the following: Band of Horses, Grateful Dead,Bob Dylan, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, Regina Spector, Discovery, and for some reason, Katy Perry. Please give me more music to listen too, I can never get enough!!

 We have 3 dogs in our house hold and 2 cats. The cats usually sleep out in the living room or with me. The 3 dogs sleep in my sister’s room, two sleep in kennels and one sleeps on the couch in their room or floor. I decided to take the youngest of the three dogs (Mercy) and have her kennel in my room and sleep with me at night. She cries alot because she hates the kennel, so i figured if she sleeps in bed with me at night not only will i not be lonely, but I feel like it will be easier for me to train her. With all the animals and comotion that go on in our not so big household, it’s hard to train her anything. She’s about a year and a half old and we found her a few months ago. We think she’s a grey hound/ pitbull mix, and she’s soooo cute, but she is devious, and stubborn. I hope me having more one on one time will help train her, and also help calm her. Seeing as she’s a puppy still, she’s pretty hyper, not fixed, and she’s a pretty tall dog.

Getting in shape

I’m currently trying to get my life in line. I want to start eating better, working out, reading more and just doing things better for myself. It’s a new year so i figure this is my perfect time to just get things done. I’ve made lists and goals for myself for my weekly/daily routine. This will definitely be something I’ll be writing about more.

Today I started out with applying for three jobs online, I’m on my 3rd cup of water and i did a 20 minute workout video ‘the biggest loser.’ It kicked my ass, i took like 3 water breaks and all i could think about was wanting m&m’s and cigarette. Pathetic, I’m aware, but at least I’m noticing what i have to improve on.

Thursday I will be going to the grocery store and instead of buying all my pre made gluten-free foods, I am going to focus on fresh food. I have been slacking on my fruits and veggies so I’ll be mainly eating all fresh foods, I’m excited about this. I’m excited just to feel healthier.

Sorry for the not so exciting blog post! Tomorrow’s will be better! :)


So i super failed yesterday, and had zero time to write! I had no access to a computer for a decent amount of time. :/ I’m going to make it up today!! So here’s my uneventful/yet eventful weekend for me: My weekend was pretty fun, Saturday I went to this beautiful high-rise condo, and watched football on a giant projection screen. Luckily I’m a semi-football fan, and a huge Samuel Adams ‘Oktoberfest’ Fan. I started watching the first season of  ‘Lost,’ I’ve already seen all of the series, but i decided to start it over, because I know I’m missing so much information. If you’ve never seen that show, and don’t mind confusing mind-blowing concepts and have time to watch 6 seasons of a show, I recommend it. It’s a pretty intense show though, but it honestly sucks you in.

Sunday was really good for me, I haven’t seen my best friend, (Her nickname*) Cookie in like 2 months (give or take) and she had a baby about 5 months ago that I had not yet met. I have known Cookie for almost 6 years now, and aside from Roxy who i have known for 15 years, Cookie is my rock. Cookie and I have a deeper connection of friendship than i have ever had with anyone else. In my 6 year friendship with Cook, her and I have had more fights than I ever have had with anyone in my life, but I’ve also had more laughs and venting sessions with her than i have with anyone else. Right before her beautiful baby girl Skye was born, we stopped talking and recently in the past few months started being best friend’s again. Before Cookie even got pregnant, we lived together, we were literally attached at the hips at all times. I was the one who bought her the pregnancy test, and the one who was with her to tell everyone about her pregnancy,and her decision to keep her baby. Then a few months into her pregnancy we lost touch, both going through extremely life changing times in our lives. We finally came to our senses a few months ago, and we are really working on our friendship again. So sorry for the extremely long back story, but you wouldn’t fully understand the scenario unless i explained it in some detail. So I met Skye yesterday, and she is amazing. I’m so sad that i wasn’t there for her birth and I wish i could take that back and fix things, but i can’t do that so I’m trying to make things better this time. But, she is the cutest, most well-behaved baby ever. Cookie spoils the hell out of princess Skye, but she’s well worth it, in my opinion.

Sorry for the longest post EVER..that’s why i’m adding pictures…Makes it more enjoyable, well at least that’s what i think!

The topic of today is “what do you want to be remembered for.” This one got my noggin wheels turnin’ and it’s kindof a difficult answer for me to put into words correctly. I don’t want to be remembered for just one specific thing that i do, I want to be remembered for as many things that i could be. Even if it’s something simple and small, like a funny joke i told, or good advice i gave to someone, or just having a good time with someone. I don’t necessarily want to do something big and epic to be remembered by, that just isn’t my style. I’m not really one to thrive in the spotlight, I’m more of the observer. I hope to just be remembered as a kind- light-hearted decent being, i don’t need anything ridiculous to do that…i don’t think.

So hopefully the awesome pictures, and novel-like blogging session will make up for me failing to barely post anything this weekend. I vowe never to slack as badly as I did, from here on out. :)

I have nothing

“Grief can take care if itself, but to get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with.” – Mark Twain.



How do you stay focused? That’s the subject for today, My answer=I don’t. I have such bad ADD, I’m scatter-brained and the only thing that really keeps me focused is music. Music helps me clean, cook, read, do laundry, study, write, sleep, pretty much everything. Honestly though, I don’t mind not being focused, I get amused by the simple things, and I observe more not being solely focused on one thing. Speaking of being focused, I can’t really stay focused on blogging right now. I haven’t had anything good to write about, and all I’ve done today was clean the house, and lay in bed with Sadie and Shane (our two dogs, of three). Oh and I watched ‘How I met your mother,’ if you’ve never seen this show, you must. It’s one of my all time favorite show’s right now, and it has Jason Segel, whom I am in love with. He’s definitely my celebrity crush, he just seems like the nicest man Plus he was in ‘Freaks and Geeks’ which is one of the best shows ever, definitely one of the most underrated show’s, from I believe the year 2000.

Wow, maybe I’ll add more to this later, but my mind is going blank!! I promise to have something worth while to read soon, just hang in there with me please! :)

pee in your pants

Today’s topic is “share a story about a memorable job interview.” Luckily, I have a funny story.

Back in high school I had a friend Lacey. She was one of the more “popular” girls, she was really sweet, but not very smart, and she partied ALOT. One day after school, I went home with her to hangout. She informed me that she had an interview for a job that afternoon, but they were going to pee drug test her. So Lacey came up with a “brilliant” plan to pass her drug test. I’m not gonna lie, the plan wasn’t that bad, just ridiculous and silly. Lacey had someone actually willing to give her pee that would pass a drug test, in a plastic bag. Lacey took the pee bag, wrapped it around her leg, with one of the Therma Care heating pads, in order to keep the pee at the correct temperature (yes they test the temperature, weird). She was already to go, so I drove to the interview, and waited in the lobby for her to come out. About 30 minutes had gone by when lacey FINALLY came out of the bathroom. She had a troubled look on her face, and I couldn’t figure it out untill i glanced down at her pants..the whole front of her pants and her behind were soaking wet! Like drenched, it straight up look like she pee’d herself. Lacey, being the fearless girl she was, had no shame in her stride and left the place confident and completely wet. Apparently, after lacey had used the pee in the bag for the drug test, instead of throwing the plastic bag away, she tied it back to her leg! It exploded when she walked out of the bathroom, and everyone working at this building was looking at Lacey like she was un-potty trained. Needless to say, Lacey did NOT get that job, but I got one of the best laughs I have ever had.