Is anyone out there?

I feel like I am completely uninteresting, and have nothing to say. I really feel like no one is reading my blogs, but myself. I’m trying desperately to come up with better ideas and clever things to say, but i feel like I am trying too hard. Today’s bog I am going to just talk, something i do well and not over think this blog. Wish me luck!

It’s monday, and I swear I was going to be productive, but the weather here isn’t permitting it. So instead today will be filled with me watching movies and downloading more music. I’m not really your average young woman in her 20’s, I don’t go out, I don’t party, and I’m not desperate to find love. I guess those things just really don’t do anything for me, I would rather stay home and watch wheel of fortune and Jeopardy with my sister and sister-in law. But this weekend I made a minor exception because my little sister Kay turned 18 and it was her first club experience. I had to go out to the clubs and watch out for Kay, plus i hadn’t been out “clubbing” in months and just wanted to dance off some stress. Now, clubs where I live here in Tampa (AKA TRAMPA)FL are not too classy, i mean some can be, but the one i went to isn’t at all. It’s mostly all really trendy people wearing basically nothing in 30 degree weather, and trying to hook up with anyone who will give them the time of day. This isn’t my type of place at all, I can’t handle men who disrespect women and can’t handle AT ALL women who disrespect themselves. Dancing up on every single guy that looks at you in the club appears desperate, not sexy. Urgh my generation is dooming this world, I swear.

Well today is uneventful, I’m going to be gluing myself to the television and I will be for sure blogging about one of my celeb favorite/doppelgänger Kristen Stewart. My sister and I are going to watch “Welcome To The Riley’s” and I’m highly anticipating this movie, so expect a full review tomorrow, along with my opinions on the Golden Globe’s that aired last night.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks :) I read your blog. I feel that same way. I feel like sometimes I am just writing to the random people out there, but I will be honest with you. Today when I received your comment, it brightened my day a little. I am going to read your blog & comment daily if you don’t mind. Maybe this will boost both of our morales when it comes to blogging. Hope the movie is good!


    • Thank you! and please do read and comment when you can! I would love the feedback, but i hope not to bore you too often! I’ll let you know how the movie is, i believe it’s more of an “indie film” and in my opinion those could go both ways. I will definately continue to read your blog daily and keep the comments up! Have a wonderful monday:)


  2. Don’t give up… Other bloggers might stop by, read, and move on to the next blog but the comments will come. Visit around the Freshly Pressed page and the PostAday/week pages and make new friends.
    Best wishes & keep blogging! :-)


  3. I think we all feel like this – so good for you for raising it. Yep – life ain’t always ‘all that and a bag of chips’ – it ok – and good to know you aren’t alone. Keep going – you are doing great!


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