pee in your pants

Today’s topic is “share a story about a memorable job interview.” Luckily, I have a funny story.

Back in high school I had a friend Lacey. She was one of the more “popular” girls, she was really sweet, but not very smart, and she partied ALOT. One day after school, I went home with her to hangout. She informed me that she had an interview for a job that afternoon, but they were going to pee drug test her. So Lacey came up with a “brilliant” plan to pass her drug test. I’m not gonna lie, the plan wasn’t that bad, just ridiculous and silly. Lacey had someone actually willing to give her pee that would pass a drug test, in a plastic bag. Lacey took the pee bag, wrapped it around her leg, with one of the Therma Care heating pads, in order to keep the pee at the correct temperature (yes they test the temperature, weird). She was already to go, so I drove to the interview, and waited in the lobby for her to come out. About 30 minutes had gone by when lacey FINALLY came out of the bathroom. She had a troubled look on her face, and I couldn’t figure it out untill i glanced down at her pants..the whole front of her pants and her behind were soaking wet! Like drenched, it straight up look like she pee’d herself. Lacey, being the fearless girl she was, had no shame in her stride and left the place confident and completely wet. Apparently, after lacey had used the pee in the bag for the drug test, instead of throwing the plastic bag away, she tied it back to her leg! It exploded when she walked out of the bathroom, and everyone working at this building was looking at Lacey like she was un-potty trained. Needless to say, Lacey did NOT get that job, but I got one of the best laughs I have ever had.


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