Story time

So it’s day two of post a day 2011, and honestly, my day’s been pretty gloom and I’m not feeling to up to writing. So, i decided I would just share a story! My day-to-day life isn’t always exciting, but occasionally the weirdest/most awkward/ridiculous things happen to me, and i figured if they make me laugh, maybe they will give someone else a good laugh too. I know I could use a laugh today, so just writing this is helping me out a little. :)

A few weeks ago I was at a going away party for one of my best friend’s Handy. At the end of the night (around 3am)Handy, myself and our friend miles decided we were starving and could really go for some McDonald’s breakfast. So we pull up to our local McDonald’s, and Miles being the nice citizen he is says to the voice box “hi how are you doing” he orders his food, and we pull up to the window. As we are handing the gentlemen working the drive-thru the money, he drops a little rolled up piece of paper on the floor. None of us had any idea what he was doing so our faces, I’m sure were in shock. The guy proceeds to tell Miles “watch what you say, you said the code.” Miles apologizes, and we drove off  with blank expressions.

First off, if the code was “hi how are you doing” they need a new code. I say that pretty much anytime I go anywhere. The code sucks. Why not go with something like the Mcfish with extra fish or something semi clever. Second off, if you are selling drugs via drive thru-you, maybe you should get the money before you drop drugs on the ground. Just a logical thought, i would think.

 We are positive that this drive thru employee was trying to sell us drugs. It’s one of the most awkward scenarios i have ever been in, and if all of us weren’t in shock, we would have at least grabbed the little rolled up piece of paper just to see what was in it. It’s one of those mysteries I will never solve.


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