Hello 2011!

I have been waiting for it to be 2011, since 2010 began! I decided that I would do the 2011 challenge to post a blog a day! I’m pretty nervous about doing this, just for the simple fact that I will HAVE to, no matter what find time to post a blog everyday. It’s funny because I always have something to say, and some opinion to share. But every time I come here to blog and post my thoughts..I go blank. The only things that come into my head are music and pittily things like “I’m hungry.” So I’m gonna give it a shot anyways and see how it goes. I’ll probably use some of the topic’s that WordPress suggests, but I’m going to try and not to. We will see!

New years eve…what a night. My sister had plans last night to celebrate the new years, and her friend’s birthday. So I initially just planned on sitting at home with my 3 dogs and 2 cats. But instead of being completely boring, I decided to go to a very good friend of mine’s house, Lola. It was a very laid back evening. Just watching mean girls, and drank champagne. Okay, and we had some shots, and got a little loud at midnight. It was actually a really great new years.

I got home around 3am, was hanging out on the couch catching up with my sister’s and watching ‘Chuck.’ I went to use the restroom, and there was a toilet bull FULL of Cheerios…yes CHEERIOS. Apparently my sister in-law thought that since we have no garbage disposal and didn’t want the animals digging through the trash, it would be a good idea to dispose her cereal in the toilet. I was pretty drunk when I saw that and just started laughing so hard. I called out to my sister saying “uhh i think  the toilet is clogged with Cheerios.” My sis in-law came in so casually and was like “oh yeah that’s from me”, flushed the toilet, and walked out. There was still about half the amount of Cheerios in the toilet. I had to flush it like 6 times to get the Cheerios fully out of the toilet, and I think there’s still about two left in there. I don’t know, I just feel wrong peeing on Cheerios. I love cheerios, and everything they stand for. They are pretty healthy, delicious, and not expensive. I couldn’t just pee on them!

Wow I have ranted, I guess I’ll be posting another tomorrow:) I promise to come up with better blog topics!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hello! Your New Year’s story is actually pretty freaking hilarious!
    ” I don’t know, I just feel wrong peeing on Cheerios.” And who wouldn’t, right?! I guess I have never found myself in a predicament, such that I might be confronted with a toilet-bowl full of Cheerios, so I’m not really sure how I would react. But I really doubt that I would pee on them. I think I would be asking some pretty tough questions though, lol. I wish you success in your PostADay endeavor! Take care! ~das~


    • Thank you soo much!! I never thought that i would ever come across cheerios in my toilet, but it was definately a funny way to bring in my new years. Happy new years, have a great year!:)


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