Gluten free things I don’t like much.

 I’m all about gluten free food, vegetarian/vegan food, and pretty much anything organic, but sometimes they can be so bland, it just isn’t worth the price.  So I decided to make a list of the premade gluten free foods, I have tried and have been disappointed with thus far. I’m pretty new to the gluten free diet, so I’ve been interested to basically try everything I can. I’ll keep you updated on the ones I absolutely love too:)

1. Frozen Gluten free bagels (no picture)- Okay, I have never had the einstein ones, but the type i got from Publix Greenwise was nasty. The bagels were so hard you couldn’t cut it very well. It wouldnt toast or bake at all, and it was very hard to chew. I was super disappointed in this because I love me some bagels!

2. Mary’s Gone Crackers-

 SO disappointed in these crackers. Never judge a book by it’s cover. I looked at the box saw the words “gone” and was like “THESE HAVE TO BE GOOD!” They aren’t. So bland, and so very dry tasting. I havent tried them with anything yet, because I just don’t know what would be good with them, I’m thinking hummus. If I find something tastey to go with this, I may change my mind about dissing this product.


 3.Tapioca Bread-


 I was open to trying this, and just didn’t love the flavor or the texture. It’s very small pieces, and a half a loaf is not cheap. It doesn’t make sandwhiches well, and is very crummy.

4. Glutino Blueberry breakfast bars-

I actually liked these, my only issue with them, is that there’s only 6 in a box and they are pricey, and there isn’t enough of the blueberry flavor in the center. It could have been more flavorful, in my opinion.


  5. Bahama Rice Burger-

I was so excited when I found this at my local food store. I have been looking everywhere locally to find a good veggie burger that was also gluten free. Sadly since veggie burgers have no meat in them, they sub it usually with wheat/gluten products. I hate it because I don’t like beef and love veggie burgers. I know garden buger does make a gluten-free veggie burger, I just can’t find it anywhere! I really wasn’t happy with the way these bahama rice burgers cooked. They were a weird texture, and just wasn’t very good, lacked flavor.



That’s all for now! I recently went to the store though, So I’ll have more up soon!


3 responses to this post.

  1. HA! yes i dont like those things either. i dont know why when food is gluten free it is also many times taste free…


  2. Great informative post


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