4 days and counting..

 4 days left untill Christmas, and let me tell you, people are going crazy.

Crappy Picture of our tree:)

I laugh when I go to the mall’s and department stores and everyone is shopping like they are on a 007 mission. I’m sorry, I understand the economy sucks right now but seriously, christmas is the same time every single year. Yet people act like they just found out christmas is in 4 days. I totally get last minute shopping, but you could do it with a little more grace. The women in walmart will take you out with their cart just to get to the sweaters two seconds before you can. I just think it’s silly. Christmas spirit people, Not Christmas rage.

The holidays to me aren’t even about the presents, it’s more about the food and being able to spend time with the people you love. I enjoy the lights and the decorations, and the songs of christmas. I could really care less about the present part, but i do love buying the presents. It’s fun getting things for people that you know they will love.

I just think people take the holiday’s wayyy to seriously. Have fun, sip some eggnog and watch the christmas story with someone you love! It shouldn’t be a full out war during this season, it should be relaxed and fun!

Enjoy the holiday’s everyone!


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